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Ability. Knowledge. Resources.

At Macweld Industries, we have the capabilities to support our customers, whether it be project management, shop detailing, steel fabrication or metal work, structural steel or mechanical installations and shutdowns. All our Steelwork is project managed,
shop detailed and designed at our Largs Bay plant.

Skids & Structures Walkways


Architectural Steelwork



Winery Equipment

Our Vision

Estimating, Drafting, Design & Tendering

We have extensive experience in all areas of the tendering process with our own highly trained estimating team. We are able to accurately measure the cost of steel work for each project through years of experience and industry knowledge. Our processes include extensive research from determining what steel is required, hours involved (both workshop and site erection), equipment needed to complete the job whilst factoring in specialist requirements, and client requests.


Our Maintenance Division have been servicing a diverse range of industries for over 50 years’ including:

  • Wineries
  • Cement Plants
  • Recycling
  • Mining
  • Water
  • Resource Sector

We offer a complete 24/7 maintenance and shutdown execution service. Continuously supplying our clients with experienced Project Managers and Tradespeople for various shutdowns and maintenance work. Our employment capabilities allow us to utilise an extensive resource pool, ensuring we are able to provide the high quaility labour required within the timeframes requested. We routinely prepare Safe Work Method Statement and Job Safety Anaylsis procedures, which are submitted to our clients prior to work commencing. Preparation of these provide our clients and staffs with the safest and most cost-efficient method of work.