Service Induction

Welcome to the Macweld Service Induction

Welcome to the Macweld Industries Pty Ltd general induction for new employees. This induction applies to all employees as part of our recruitment process. Potential employees cannot commence work with Macweld until they have successfully passed a Pre Employment Medical Examination. Employees that have successfully passed the Medical will then be required to successfully undertake this induction.

To learn more about Macweld, you must refer to our website.

Induction Contents – 1 & 2

During the induction, we will be covering the following topics:

  • A summary of our general administration and human resources policies and procedures.
  • A summary of our quality policies and procedures
  • A detailed summary of our Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) requirements.

Once your induction has been successfully completed you will need to report to our administration department to complete all necessary Employment Paperwork.

General Instruction

Macweld recognises that the success of Workplace Health and Safety relies on the genuine input of every employee in the consultative process. To achieve optimal consultation an Workplace Health and Safety Committee has been formed. Members of the committee comprise of the duly elected and trained Workplace Health and Safety Representatives/other employees and Operational Manager(s). It is through this committee that every employee shall have input into the systematic, continual improvement approach to their Health and Safety at work.

All employees shall be made aware of all Workplace Health and Safety matters through documented committee meeting minutes, toolbox communication meetings, documented key performance indicator data and direct communication with management and their elected Workplace Health and Safety Representatives.

Section 28 of the South Australian Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012; as amended, states the detailed legal obligations placed on employees, of Macweld and they are:

  • Taking responsibility for ensuring their own Health and Safety at work by following Macweld's policy, procedures and instructions.
  • Do all such things that are required of him/her by his/her Manager/Supervisor to ensure compliance with the Macweld's Workplace Health and Safety Management System.
  • Actively participate in the consultative process regarding any matter pertaining Workplace Health and Safety that could affect their Health and Safety while at work.
  • Ensuring that he or she is not, by the consumption of alcohol or a drug, in such a state as to endanger his or her own Safety or the Safety of any other person at work.
  • Not intentionally misusing or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for their Health, Safety and Welfare.
  • Promoting a Safety culture throughout the workplace by personal example.

Health & Safety Rules


Fire Safety

We take fire safety very seriously. If you hear alarms proceed to the nearest emergency exit and await instructions.


First Aid

A first aider can be called by dialling ext 100.


Incident Reporting

You must report all incidents even if you do not sustain personal injury.

Safety Signs and Signals

It is important that you are aware of the different types of safety signs even if you are unsure of the exact meanings.


Prohibition warning mandatory Emergency Movement

PROHIBITION – Red and White circles represents something you must not do.

 WARNING – Yellow and Black triangles warn of danger. 

MANDATORY – Blue circles represents something you must do.

EMERGENCY – Green and white rectangles provide emergency information

Movement around Macweld

The speed limit while on Macweld site(s) is 10 KPH.

Be mindful of pedestrians.

Park appropriately.

As a pedestrian always stick to pathways.

Hazard Management

It should be noted that Macweld see hazard management as the cornerstone of our WHS management system.

Macweld Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) 021 gives detailed instructions on the use of our hazard reporting system.


  • 'hazard'

means a thing or situation that has the potential to cause injury, illness or significant impact on the environment.

  • 'risk'

    means the probability and consequences of the occurrence of injury, illness or significant impact on the environment.


  • 'risk assessment'

means the process of evaluating the probability and consequences of injury illness or significant impact on the environment from exposure to identified hazard(s).


  • 'hazard control'

means using the hierachy of controls' to control risk.

  • 'hierachy of controls'

    means determining appropriate control measures, the highest option in the hierarchy must be considered before moving to a lower control measure.


The controls measures are:


1. elimination;

2. substitution;

3. engineering;

4. administrative;

5. personal protective equipment (PPE).


Placement on preferred 'contractor for service' list

Only contractor for service personnel who are engaged by an organisation who are listed on the Macweld Industries Pty Ltd preferred provider list may engage in work with Macweld.  

The principle officer of the contract organisation must have signed a declaration stating they undertake to supplying services to Macweld Industries Pty Ltd by ensuring:

All of our employees involved with the contract for service will:


  • Comply with all conditions as stated in the Macweld Contractor for Service Safety Brochure.
  • Comply with all legal obligations prescribed by relevant State/Federal Safety Acts and Regulations, including where appropriate, Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidelines;
  • Report all accidents/incidents (including near misses, injuries, environmental spills etc.) which are observed by or involve our employees to a Macweld employee immediately.


Questions - Preferred provider

Induction Completion

This completes the general induction. Please meet with an Administration staff member to complete the employment paperwork.


Welcome to Macweld Industries Pty Ltd we hope our association will be long and fruitful for both parties.



Thank you, your test was submitted successfully.